Merc 280 Contrast

A wonderful example of the iconic W108 and appreciating Mercedes. This car is particularly special as it is both the 4.5 V8 and the "L" Long wheel base model.


- 4.5 V8 fuel injection

- Auto

- Long Wheel Base

- Power steering

- Disc Brakes


- Ivory Paint

- White Wall Tyres




Mercedes 280 SEL v8









Not Required


 4.5 ltr







0-60 Mph:
Top Speed:

 9.5 sec


 127 mph


225 bhp*




The 280 SEL was part of the Mercedez Benz W108 series of cars which were the replacement for the fintail W111 series.  The W108 was manufactured from 1965 thru to 1973 with engines ranging in size from the 130 hp 2.5 Lt 6 cylinder through to the US only 220hp 4.5Lt V8. The W108 was very much the S-Class of it's time, with the US only 4.5 V8 being possibly the most popular variant. 


The W108 was highly sophisticated for the 60s \ 70s boasting technology, such as fuel injection, combined with outstanding build quality, design, fuel consumption, handling and ride made this one of the best, if not the best, car of this period.


More information

Model History

We have documentation that showing this Mercedes' history.  All the documentation points to the car living all of its life in New Mexico.


We purchased the car from a Mercedes specialist based in Albuquerque. We then drove the car fom Albuquerque to Denver, Colorado in a day, only stopping twice for fuel. A journey of 450 miles without a problem.  I don't think we would have done the same journey in a contemporary Mustang...  I think this demonstrates both the credentials of 1970s Mercedes and in particular this 280 SEL 4.5 v8.

Vehicle History

An original interior that is in good condition, the  ...... seats and carpethaving worn extremely well.  The upside of living in a warm dry climate is fantastic bodywork, unfortunately the same conditions are not as good to parts of the interior. The dash pad has a split as do some of the tops of the door cards, we haven't replaced them as we wanted to keep the car as original as possible. However they could be replaced or repaired.


The iconic Mercedes Benz steering wheel is in good condition and offers that extra bit of timeless class to the whole driving experience.


The pictures below are library images of a similar car

Merc 280 Contrast



Living in the dry warm conditions of New Mexico has been extremely kind to this car, there is not a spot of rust to be found anywhere.  The expanse of chrome, which these cars are so noted for, is in stunning condition, shining beautifully. The lights and glass all look really good.


The car has been treated to a high quality re spray while with us, it now looks stunning with real depth and shine to the paint.


This Mercedes would be great as a weekend or every day car, on of the few early 70s cars that feels really at home in modern traffic.

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