1967 Mustang Fastback
1967 Mustang Fastback
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As new 67 Fastback built from a Dynacorn body. Professional build, 1000s of hours to create this one of a kind Mustang. Built to be driven.


-  Ford 351 V8 (circa 500bhp)

-  4 Barrel carb

-  5 Speed Tremec

-  Upgraded Suspension package


-  Metallic Red

-  Black Leather Interior


This car is currently in our US workshop.

Ford Mustang

Fastback - 1967













4 Barrel


5 Speed


0-60 Mph:
Top Speed:

6 sec*




500 bhp*



* Estimated.


1967 represented the first redesign for the first generation Mustang. The '67 Mustang appears larger (two and a half inches wider and a half inch taller) giving it a more aggressive look. A majority of the restyling occurs below the beltline, wider track, deeper grille with a rectangular mesh insert, more prominent side sculpting and a stepped decklid with concave taillights are a few of the year's styling changes.


The most famous '67 Mustang is the "Eleanor" Shelby GT500E from the film "Gone in 60 seconds". This film has been both a blessing and a curse. The '67 is now an extremely popular year, however, a large number of nice original cars have been lost to create "Eleanor" clones.


More information

Model History

The previous owner invested a huge amount of time and money to create this one of a kind Mustang, built to an extremely high specification on a brand new Dynacorn body.

An original 67 fastback was purchased to act as a donor car, providing the best of both worlds, a brand new rust free body plus original parts. The car also maintained the all important Vehicle Identifaction Number (VIN) of the donor car.


A professional company was then tasked with creating the ultimate classic Mustang for the 21st Century. A small block 351 was chosen to provide the optimum balance between power and weight, this was then complimented with a modern wishbone suspension upfront and all round disk brakes. Externally the owner cherry picked his favourite design elements from the Shelby collection, the interior is high quality with a traditional feel supplemented by modern features including new instruments, roll cage and multi point harness. The build was completed 2 years ago but the car has done limited mileage since.


It all adds up to create the ultimate 21st Century Mustang........

Vehicle History

The interior of this car reflects the general high quality of the build whilst hinting at the available performance.


The black leather seats are beautifully finished front and back and are complimented by the black headlining and carpet.  The carefully integrated roll bar and multi point harness are eligantly engineered and emphasise the performance focus of the car whilst not detracting from the overall package.  The beautiful black on white instruments look great in the original dash, a nice blend between function and form.


The magnificent wood steering wheel and tactile gear knob serve to add that final touch of theatre to the cabin and create just a really nice place to be.




The dark red paint is provided with the perfect canvas of a brand new Dynacorn body, allowing for a fit and finish significantly better than when it rolled off the production line in 1967.  The shut lines are a credit to the builders attention to detail and skill and wouldn't look out of place on a modern car. The horizontal GT350 stripes pay hommage to the power plant.


The brightwork is either new or has been re-chromed and looks fantastic.  The stunning wheels give the car purposeful stance in keeping with the performance focus.


The owner who commissioned this build cherry picked the best features from both Ford and Shelby Mustangs to create this stunning car including the Shelby rear ligh cluster, louvered hood and side air intakes.  It all comes together to create a stunning, purposeful work of motoring art.



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