Bronze Mustang Contrast

A car for the Mustang purist. A rare early 1964½ coupe in Prairie Bronze.


-  Ford 260 V8

-  2 Barrel carb

-  3 Speed Manual

-  All round disc brakes


-  Prairie Bronze

-  Palomino interior


This car is currently being restored in our UK workshop.  ETA March 2016



Ford Mustang

Coupe - 1964 ½


 1964 ½ 




Not Required


Not Required






3 Speed



0-60 Mph:
Top Speed:

9.7 sec -


111 mph -


164 bhp*




The very first Mustang Pony Cars arrived in mid 1964, although Ford designated them as 1965. Because of the numerous differences between the 64 and 65 cars they are now commonly designated as 1964 ½ cars.


Ford launched the Mustang in Coupe and Convertible form in 64, the first Fastback or 2+2 did not arrive until 1965. The 260 V8  found in this cars was only available in the early Mustangs and was discontinued in 1965 in favour of the 289 V8, making the 260 powered Mustangs one of the rarest.


The Mustang went on to be a huge success, going on to sell more than a million cars by 1966 and has stayed in continuous production to this day.


More information

Model History

We don't have a great deal of history to go with this car other than the information provided by the manufacturers tag, 65AP8927G7511. It is a 2 Door hardtop (65A) in Prairie Bronze Metallic (P) with a Palomino Crinkle Viny Standard Interior (89). It was manufactured on the 27th July 1964 (27G) in San Jose, CA.


We are currently in the process of undertaking a body and paint work restoration. Because of the rarity of the 64½ s we are going to restore it to it's original color scheme, however we are going to keep some of the upgrades, such as the all round disc brakes that will make this not only a great looking car but also a great driving car.

Vehicle History

The interior of this car was one of it's strong points both in terms of the look but also the condition. The carpets, front and back seats, handles and dashboard are in great condition. The headliner and dash top are in not as good condition and will be replaced as part of the ongoing restoration.


We are going to keep the interior as original as we can to preserve this very early Mustang in as close to factory condition as possible.





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We are currently restoring this car back to it's former glory.





The pictures below are library pictures that are similar to our car

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Bronze Mustang Contrast