Mustang GT500e Convertible

Stunning 1965 Mustang Coupe - Shelby GT350H homage.  We have restored


The final specification will include:


- New 5.0 Ford Coyote Crate Engine

- New 6 Speed Manual Gearbox 

- Independent Front Suspension

- 4 Link rear suspension

- Stainless Steel side exiting exhausts

- Choice of colors

- Choice of finishes

If you are interested in this piece of motoring art then give us a call to discuss.

This car is a convertible tribute to the Shelby GT500E "Eleanor" from the film "Gone in 60 seconds" which was based on a 1967 Mustang Fastback.  


The GT500E was never a Ford or Shelby designated car, but was a creation for the 2000 Nicholas Cage film "Gone in 60 Seconds".  Depending on the source, either eleven or twelve cars were built by Cinema Vehicle Services for the 2000 film (not including CVS's creation of one additional Eleanor clone - with a Ford 428 - for producer Bruckheimer). Nine were shells, and three were built as fully functional vehicles. Seven were reported to have "survived the filming [and] made it back to Cinema Vehicle Services" 


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